VEGAS Pro 14: What to expect from the new version

When we announced the acquisition of the majority of Sony Creative Software products a few months ago, the community reacted positively. However, users also had concerns about the future of VEGAS Pro. The two main questions were: will there be a new version, and will VEGAS Pro thrive into the future? We quickly confirmed that we would release a new version at the end of September and immediately received a huge amount of great user feedback. Now, based largely on that feedback, our team of experienced VEGAS developers in Madison has been hard at work, and we are only a few days away from the official release of VEGAS Pro 14. Let’s take a sneak peak at just a few of the many improvements and new features in VEGAS Pro 14.

First of all, we received a huge amount of requests for bug fixes and wishes for new features from the users. We were impressed by the quality and relevance of the feedback. In fact, all requests have been logged into the product backlog where they will be prioritized and scheduled for future development work. to begin with, our development team has focused on stability and we’ve fixed over 30 major bugs. These fixes cover a wide range of features and operations throughout the application. This work makes VEGAS Pro 14 more stable and more efficient than previous versions.

Next, we’ve implemented several important new features including HEVC and native ProRes support. HEVC technology enables users to compress video further than before with far greater quality. This means video can be shared at higher quality and faster upload/download speeds. It makes higher-quality streaming possible and lowers the file storage cost for content owners. Then, in order to eliminate reliance on problematic third-party technology, VEGAS Pro 14 includes robust native support for ProRes files. Our technology properly preserves 10-bit ProRes files so that the user’s video quality is never compromised.

Finally, as professional video editing software, it was essential to improve the support of third-party hardware. With improved support for today’s RED and Panasonic cameras as well as AJA and Blackmagic Design cards, users can now edit footage from a broader range of cameras and enjoy greater flexibility in their video and film projects.

With a range of innovative new features and many critical improvements, we aim to provide fast, efficient and intuitive software that fulfills the needs of all editing professionals. And it will only get better from here. VEGAS Pro 14 confirms our commitment to the user community and sets the stage for an exciting new era for video editing!

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