What to gain from using VFX stock footage in your Projects

As video technology progresses and access to editing programs continue to get more abundant, the pull toward visual effects knowledge and know-how gets stronger. When you really dive into why being proficient in VFX work is beneficial, you see that in the end it saves time, money, and a headache in post-production. 

And as a creator, sometimes your scenes need that extra layer of realism that basic video editing techniques can’t achieve by itself.

Luckly, there’s a quick solution to upgrading your scene nearly instantaneously, while adding a new level of professionalism, and that is VFX stock footage compositing.

Like in the example below, you can turn ordinary visuals into a beautiful scene with atmospheric smoke and fog stock footage layers. After some compositing work, you can turn a mundane scene into a fresh, stunning story.


Using VFX stock footage can also help you become a better filmmaker and provide better on-set productivity. Why, you might ask?

When you know VFX stock footage can accomplish something you can’t fake or create while filming, it allows you to film creatively and without boundaries. And by boundaries, I mean not being held back by the fact that you might not have fire, smoke, muzzle flashes, or any others live in the camera. That’s what stock footage is for.

Essentially, you can finally create what you envision, regardless of what may be at your disposal while filming. If you were to film these stock assets, such as a large scale fire while you’re on set or in the field, there are a plethora of obligations to meet. You must have safety measures for your crew, pyrotechnicians to pay, possible permits, and more.

With stock footage, a professional crew has already done the leg work for you! It’s a download away and a simple drag and drop into your timeline.

With a little bit of on-set glow and color correction paired with the fire stock footage you see below, you can make this blazing inferno of a shot, too.

If you’re just making the jump to the world of VFX compositing, it can feel like quite the undertaking, but fret not. There are various VFX industry sources that not only create incredible products, but also valuable tutorials and articles to help guide you through your projects.

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Author: Cody Vineyard

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